"I am a disabled person confined to a wheel-chair. I attend about 5 or 6 external outings per week all over the Ottawa area (most within 50 km). I have tried several methods of conveyance and I can report that "Wheels for the Wise" is the best method that I have found. The ride arrives with 100% reliability, and at precisely the required time to pick me up. All assistance that I require, from inside my home, to the car, and to the appointment are provided with a smile. Unexpected difficulties are handled with skill. Finally, I emphasize that I feel safe and comfortable throughout my outing."
    - Roger G.
"I am very happy with the prompt and courteous service offered by Wheels for the Wise. My driver helps me in and out of the car, walks me to the door, and even carries my bundles for me. I would recommend this mode of transport to anyone who has mobility issues - not just seniors."
    - S.B.
"The service that you provide is long overdue in Ottawa. It is nice to see an organization that is genuinely taking a concern in the well-being of people with special mobility needs. Thank you."
    - C. H.
"Being able to complete my errands without having to rely on my children to drive me is a great feeling. I have been independent my whole life and I like it that way."
    - Elizabeth
"I can go anywhere at any time without bothering friends and family. Wheels for the Wise has given me back the freedom I lost once I could no longer drive myself. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing service."
    - I. Thompson