"I have had the pleasure of using the service of Wheels for the Wise several times. I found my companion to be very reliable, pleasant, genuinely empathetic, attentive and able to put me at ease when attending medical appointments. They provide the complete physical assistance I require for the duration of my outing right up to the point that I am safely inside of my home. I highly recommend this much needed service and will continue to use it in the future".
    - Retired, Lieutenant-Colonel Shirley M. Robinson
"Wheels for the Wise has been a god-send to our family! We had to take a LTC crisis placement for my mobility and cognitively impaired mother in Stittsville, a 1-1/2 hr drive from where her husband and I live. My mother's husband does not drive and I work full-time. Thanks to Wheels for the Wise, we not only have transportation for my mother's many medical appointments in Ottawa's east end, but also a companion that will assist her and sit in on the appointment. I even get a detailed report on the appointment (I am POA for Personal Care) and/or outing within hours of my mother's return to her LTC home. Most importantly, my mother loves all of her drivers. I can't say enough good things about Wheels for the Wise. They are not just a service. They genuinely care about our loved ones and routinely go above and beyond."
    - L. Turcotte
"I am a disabled person confined to a wheel-chair. I attend about 5 or 6 external outings per week all over the Ottawa area (most within 50 km). I have tried several methods of conveyance and I can report that "Wheels for the Wise" is the best method that I have found. The ride arrives with 100% reliability, and at precisely the required time to pick me up. All assistance that I require, from inside my home, to the car, and to the appointment are provided with a smile. Unexpected difficulties are handled with skill. Finally, I emphasize that I feel safe and comfortable throughout my outing."
    - Roger G.
"Thank you for your very attentive service in looking after the needs of our son. It's so difficult making arrangements long-distance, but you certainly made the process easy. You did much more than provide transportation: your regard for his welfare during and after his surgery is certainly commendable, and hearing from you regarding his care was very comforting. We knew he was in good hands. Should we ever need your services again, we wouldn't hesitate to contact you."
    - Best wishes, Ernest and Linda
"It is a relief to know when I cannot attend my mother's medical appointment she is in the hands of a caring companion from Wheels for the Wise and always comes home happy and tells me about her day out with her friend. "
    - Sharon B.
"The service that you provide is long overdue in Ottawa. It is nice to see an organization that is genuinely taking a concern in the well-being of people with special mobility needs. Thank you."
    - C. H.
"We are extremely pleased with the excellent service provided by Wheels for the Wise. It is a reliable and friendly form of transportation. We can always count on them getting us to our medical appointments on time. We highly recommend them."
    - Take care, Mary
"Wheels for the Wise is exactly what my siblings and I needed! None of us live in the same province as our mother and therefore cannot take her to her medical appointments. This used to be a huge worry for us because my mother would use public transportation alone. Now, not only do we know the person going to get her, we can log into our account and know exactly what the doctor said, for each appointment they take her to. Thank you so much for everything! You guys truly make life easier."
    - C.L.
"Wheels for the Wise is a professional organization that has gone the extra mile in providing excellent support and transportation for my dad who is 91 years old. Their knowledge and valuable contacts in the Ottawa medial community has been a "god-send" in addressing my father's medical issues."
    - D. L.