About Wheels for the Wise

Looking for the peace of mind that can come from physical assistance and companionship during appointments? Would you like to enjoy the reassurance of knowing we can be the eyes and ears for your disabled or elderly family members? We’re here to help, whether you’re a senior, or simply someone seeking a helpful friend while going to a day surgery or a hospital stay. We love what we do, and you can relax knowing that we value your safety and comfort.

Here at Wheels for the Wise, we treat all of our clients like family!

All of our drivers/companions are retired professionals with:

  • Bilingual (English and French) Drivers Available
  • First Aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator Certification
  • Background Checks for Working with the Vulnerable Sector
  • Clean Driving Records

Wheels for the Wise prolongs independence and prevents isolation; while acting as a means of respite for caregivers. We have proudly serviced our clients since 2011 and it is our passion to continue providing exceptional transportation services to our community. Wheels for the Wise operates a safe and efficient transportation service that will ensure your timely arrival to appointments and safe return home, while in the comfort and care of our dedicated staff.

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